Greetings Guardsmen,

Some of you may remember from recent* frontline reports that the Damocles Gulf war zone was set ablaze and burning in an apocalyptic firestorm.

Clearly, the divine Emperor had deployed His judgement in the form of fiery cleansing fury to drive back the upstart T’au race’s over-optimistic incursion.

Today, we bring you even better news:
the Damocles Gulf is no longer on fire!

Such a sign can only be interpreted as the Emperor indicating to us that He wishes us to once again go forth and claim this newly cleansed and fertile region of space for Humanity and the Imperium.

You are delighted to be informed that you will be part of this bold new expedition.

Better yet, as you have survived in your current active battlefield posting for the pre-approved time period**, your Regiment is now considered “veteran”, so you will be the leading speartip of this new endeavour.

Our tactical statisticians predict that, following the years-long firestorm that engulfed this region of space, it is very unlikely we will encounter any sizeable xenos threat; T’au are known for their inability to adapt to changing environmental circumstances. Further to that, it is known that the deplorable T’au’s so called “Fourth Phase Expansion” to retake the newly smouldering remains of their recently attempted conquest was an utter disaster – likely blundering and lost in the warp like the primitives they are. We’re pretty confident, following this unequivocal failure, that they won’t try for a fifth expansion any time soon.

It should, therefore, be a simple matter for you to sail to these worlds and plant the banner of the Imperium upon them once more.***

We are aware that you have spent the last few years battling against horrible incursions from the Cicatrix Maledictum, so consider this a nice change of pace. We remind you, of course, that while the forces of the Arch-enemy are the foulest of the Emperor’s enemies, the despicable xenos of the Eastern Fringe are also the foulest of the Emperor’s enemies – and you should commit yourself to the prosecution of this war zone with as much zeal and righteous anger as you showed in your last action.

Good luck out there, Guardsmen, and know that the Emperor is watching.

++ Thought for the Day: “This galaxy is ours, by His will.” ++

* Based on your location relative to the Cicatrix Maledictum stellar anomaly, this may have been between 1/10 and 100 standard Terran orbital-units ago.
** 15 hours.
*** Figuratively speaking – while the wider gulf-spanning inferno has abated, large areas on many of these planets are still believed to be literally on fire, and “singeing the Company colours” is a crime punishable by flogging, followed by execution, followed by flogging.