Wonderful news, Guardsmen!

As you know, many regiments have been assigned to assist the Adeptus Mechanicus with their ongoing geological survey. In a stroke of complete coincidence, many of the worlds with blackstone deposits you have been assigned to also contain a sizeable population of mechanical xenos known as Necrons, meaning you’ll have plenty of chances to test your combat skills and quite possibly help the Imperium execute two heretics with one bolter shell, as the saying goes. In order to assist you with your duties, we have produced this informative leaflet:



Who are the Necrons?

Necrons seem to be a relatively young xenos species, not yet capable of warp travel or advanced rational thought. They originate from underground, choosing to hide from the Imperium like the basest rat or sump-mutant, emerging only occasionally to vent their spite on our more enlightened civilisation.

In recent years, the Necrons have begun to emerge in greater numbers – we are assured by the Ordo Xenos that we have all but exterminated them, and this merely represents the death throes of this pathetic race.


Necrons are incapable of building structures or creating cultural works of their own, instead, coveting the works of antiquity. Necrons are known to be drawn to ancient ruins which they believe themselves to be the true inheritors of, such as the structures on Damnos and Sanctuary 101. This is a preposterous notion, and everybody knows that such ruins were obviously created by ingenious pre-Age of Darkness human colonists, as no xenos works could possibly persist for so long.


In a crude attempt to frighten humans, the Necrons have fashioned their bodies into the likenesses of skeletons. Like any good Imperial citizen, you should view human remains as a powerful reminder of your own fragile mortality compared to the might of the Imperium and the Emperor. It is for this reason that your living quarters, wargear, reading material, space vessels, uniforms, and fellow soldiers have been emblazoned with a tasteful smattering of skull decorations. Seeing a few more should only serve to stiffen your resolve further. Certain Necrons – known as Flayed Ones – may employ fresher remains as an intimidation tactic. Should you be afraid, only think on the face and words of your Commissar*, and you will regain heart.


The primitive brain structure of the Necrons is akin to that of an earthworm**, or a slug, meaning that – in certain cases – they may keep fighting despite catastrophic damage and even, in exceptionally rare cases, appearing to rise from the dead. A swift bayonet strike or five should be enough to permanently disable even the most durable metallic combatants.***


Enjoy yourself, Guardsmen. It’s not often that one gets to combine the fun of essential scientific geological analysis with some xenocide!

++Thought for the Day: “To attempt understanding is folly when dealing with aliens.”++

* And indeed, their bolt pistol.
** A note to less educated Guardsmen – earthworms are 40 foot long serpentine creatures that live in the depths of Terra. Your hive may have equivalent creatures, such as milliasaurs. For more information, please consult uplifting leaflet 44447//b: All Things Great And Small And Why They Must Ultimately All Be Slaughtered To Ensure Permanent Human Hegemony.
*** To assist you with this, you have been provided with One (1) Ryza Pattern Bayonet Maintenance Kit, consisting of one (1) Multipolymer Sharpening Stone and one (1) Tin Bayonet Shining Grease, Delta Grade. Should your bayonet become blunt mid-combat, simply back away from the enemy, re-sharpen, shine, then re-engage. Soldiers will be penalised for spending too long sharpening their bayonets/insufficient shininess during parade.