Attention, Guardsman!

While even attempting to understand the xenos is to court madness, it has come to our attention that regimental combat efficacy has recently been unacceptably low when engaging with the Aeldari. While punitive floggings have been assigned to all failing regiments, we have decided to supplement this edifying exercise with a complete guide to the subspecies of this vile race to help you better fight them.


There you have it, Guardsmen – now you’re prepared for anything the Aeldari can throw at you!*

Thought for the Day: “A logical argument must be dismissed with absolute conviction!”

* Please note – if an Aeldari throws something at you, it is likely a plasma grenade. While your flak armour is nigh impenetrable, it is highly unlikely that you are prepared for a direct impact with such a projectile, and any reassurances given to the contrary are largely metaphorical in nature.