Attention, Guardsmen!

You are about to embark upon a pacification campaign designed to bring several worlds back into compliance. This will give you the opportunity to bring the Emperor’s justice to traitor regiments, as well as giving you the opportunity to test your skills against human opponents.

As such, your risk of critical injury is much higher than usual, as you will be facing the deadliest weapon known to any race in the galaxy – the lasgun.

Unfortunately, due to a printing error, the section of your Uplifting Primer dealing with field dressing a lasgun wound has accidentally been replaced with a concise history of the Rangdan Xenocides and a complete guide to fighting these sinister xenos. This is a feature that would, in its own way, be invaluable, had the Rangdan not been exterminated ten millennia ago and had the guide not been based on embellished accounts that include tactics, weaponry, regiments and Space Marine Legions that do not, as far as we can tell, appear to exist.

Fear not – all menials associated with this error have been assigned to more useful labour*, while the Regimental Standard has graciously reprinted the missing section to cut out and stick over the offending section.


We commend the souls of any Guardsmen that perished due to lack of proper aid to the Emperor – although perhaps they should have not been so foolish as to have allowed themselves to be shot in the first place.

++Thought for the day: “The Emperor’s Judgement is greater than Reason.”++

* As servitors.