Attention, Guardsmen!

The might of the Astra Militarum is built on the backs of its great heroes – the living legends who prosecute the Emperor’s will and bring justice to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. In today’s Regimental Standard, we look at one such hero – Sebastian Yarrick, hero of Hades Hive.


Yarrick was remarkable from the moment he was born. While most infants greet the world with rank cowardice, showing the temerity to cry despite being lucky enough to be born into the Imperium of Man, Yarrick refused to utter a single sound. Instead, he made the sign of the aquila, causing the various nursing staff in the room with him to burst into tears at such a show of loyalty.

As a young man of 7, Yarrick was lucky enough to see not one but both of his parents martyr themselves for the greater benefit of the Imperium. Inspiring in him a healthy sense of the fragility of life, the young Yarrick was then taken to be raised in the Schola Progenium.

While some unfortunates wait decades before being called to service, the young Yarrick had the exciting opportunity to battle greenskins from a very young age when his planet was invaded, and he was able to kill several through grit, wits and carefully laid traps – any schoolboy wished he could be so lucky!

Yarrick’s world was liberated by the brave efforts of the Astra Militarum and, in recognition of his ingenuity, the young soldier was inducted into the Commissariat Cadet program after scoring perfect scores for zeal, hatred, xenophobia and devotion to the Emperor in his entrance exam.

Such skill made Yarrick an ideal candidate – and while your own Commissars may not possess the same battle record of this storied hero, they should be afforded with equivalent respect.

Over his career in the Commissariat, Yarrick served in several regiments, fighting Orks on multiple occasions. Despite several salacious rumours to the contrary, he never attempted to understand these vile aliens by studying them or learning their language – such a thing would be heresy!

Following a brief disagreement with then-Planetary Governor Herman Von Strab*, it was mutually decided that Yarrick should refocus his efforts in the latter part of his career to managing the defences of Hades Hive.

This wise tactical decision paid off when the foolish Orks attempted to assault Armageddon, with Von Strab luring the greenskins into a false sense of security by deliberately allowing the planet’s defences to collapse before using Hades Hive as an anvil upon which the Orkish forces were broken. When all seemed lost, Commander Dante of the Blood Angels intervened, thus executing the Orkish armies in a flawless example of Imperial planning and cooperation.


During the Siege of Hades Hive, the Adeptus Mechanicus fashioned Yarrick’s iconic prosthetic arm – the stories that he took it from the body of an Orkish warlord are, of course, preposterous myths.

Following a brief sabbatical on Golgotha, Yarrick returned to Armageddon, somehow predicting with flawless accuracy that another Ork invasion was imminent – we can only imagine his training with the Schola Progenium allowed him to anticipate the actions of the greenskins with perfect clarity, as all Imperial commanders can!


The Second Ork Invasion of Armageddon had begun, and the rest, as we say, is officially sanctioned history for those with the correct clearance to read it.

There you have it, Guardsmen – a true example for all of you! To complete your history lesson, your entire regiment is being redeployed to the Armageddon war zone, allowing you to literally follow in the footsteps of this great hero. Best of luck!

Thought for the Day: “Suffering is the just reward of the inattentive.” 

* Von Strab would later be captured by greenskins when boldy fighting to defend his Hive and, unfortunately, was martyred during a rescue attempt by the 13th Penal Legion.