Attention, Guardsmen!

Do you know your foe? It has come to the attention of the Regimental Standard that an above-average number of you have voiced concern about the nature of your great mission.

In pursuit of a safe, secure galaxy, you will be called upon to face a great number of horrors. Such horrors will be, in many cases, incomprehensible to any sane individual, and while your basic training was designed to be as thorough as possible, you may find yourself in situations where you are not able to perform a fast and effective battlefield assessment of your enemy.

Usually, we would encourage you to look to your superiors for guidance, but recent campaigns have resulted in some temporary depletion of the officer corps. Until this issue has resolved itself, we are providing you with a rare treat – a look at an abridged version of the advanced decisions matrix memorised by all Astra Militarum senior staff to ensure that they are prepared to prepare you for any foe.*


With this in hand, Guardsmen, you’ll never be lost for action on the battlefield – and any failures can now only be interpreted as rank cowardice. Enjoy the battles to come!

++Thought for the Day: “A good soldier obeys without question. A good officer commands without doubt.”++

* Please note – this material will return to being Lilac level clearance following restoration of normal staffing levels. Ensure that any copies of this chart are destroyed at that time, and attempt to remove them from your memory as effectively as possible.