Be alert, Guardsmen!

You’re being deployed to a xenos-rich war zone, filled with opportunities for you to bring the Emperor’s justice to those who presume ownership of our galaxy.

While we suspect you are eager to purge the perfidious Aeldari, you must also be alert for their structures – while the xenos are the weed, their buildings, and very culture, are the roots, and we must tear them out at the source to create a galaxy safe for humankind.

To assist you in your duties, the Regimental Standard has produced an invaluable field guide – follow it to the letter, and victory will be assured!


What is it?

Too cowardly and degenerate for honest warp travel, the Aeldari races are limited to crossing the galaxy via an ancient network of sub-space tunnels known as the webway. Unlike the warp, the vagaries of the webway cannot be tamed by the valiant efforts of a Navigator, and you should avoid entrance at all costs.

By destroying entries and exits to this network, we will strangle their debased and failing empire once and for all!

How do I spot it?

Webway gates vary in size and appearance. Here are the most widely recognised types:

1: Lesser Webway Gates:

Some entrances to the webway are cloaked by perfidious technological means and can be recognised by a slight shimmer in the air as well as local Aeldari forces appearing/disappearing at around the location.

What to Do:

When locating a lesser webway portal, follow standard breaching procedures by throwing a frag grenade through the entrance, then releasing a half-cell burst of your lasgun to ensure any Aeldari on the other side are dead. Radio in your coordinates, and a team of engineer corps will be on hand to mine the entrance thoroughly.

2: Greater Webway Gates:

You will immediately recognise these entrances to the webway by their grotesque design – an affront to the careful aesthetic purity found in all Imperial architecture. Smooth curves suggest duplicity and slippery morals, unlike the rigid and unmoving edifices of the Imperium. In their arrogance, the Aeldari have neglected to even adorn their structures with skulls, so sure are they in their belief that they have defeated death.

What to Do:

Mighty as your lasgun us, and poorly constructed as the Aeldari structures are, for the sake of time, we would recommend calling in artillery to promptly deal with the problem. Vox your coordinates to your nearest Basilisk operators, then vacate the area as promptly as possible.*


Good luck, Guardsman – the ruins of the Aeldari shall be the foundations of the growing Imperium!

++ Thought for the day: “Negotiation is surrender.” ++

* In active combat situations, lead times between initial vox hail and bombardment may be too short to allow effective strategic retrograde advances. In less severe cases, bionic replacements will be issued. In more serious cases, any remains will be posted back to next of kin for interment in several convenient instalments.