Excellent news, Guardsmen!

Due to escalating combat conditions and some previously unforeseen circumstances, your regiment is being reinforced by a detachment of Imperial Knights from House Griffith.*

We understand that this is a very exciting time for you. Popular vid-captures and vox-casts such as The Black Knight VI: Damoclean Vengeance and Reaper! – 14 Hours Of Chainsword On Xenos Action have you no doubt excited to meet these great heroes, but you must take care to follow a strict set of regulations in order to ensure maximum combat cohesion. All four volumes will be delivered to you soon,** but in the meantime, the Regimental Standard has prepared some simple do’s and don’ts to get you by:


Panicked shouting isn’t just distracting on the battlefield and highly uncouth – it’s also unlikely to be picked up by the audio-receptors of any nearby Knights operating in your area.


The bright yellow hue of this armour will allow any Knights operating in your area to quickly identify friendly formations and direct their fire as such.***


Knight Pilots officially outrank you by quite some measure. Asking trivial questions will only irritate and offend them – treat them as you would a senior officer.****


While you are discouraged from fraternising with Knight pilots, you are nevertheless encouraged to observe their protocols while they are fighting alongside your regiment. You will be provided with a list of acceptable formal addresses and strictures to follow shortly.


While your Sentinel is a mighty war machine, you are reminded that its feet and optional chainsword attachment are not quite as effective as the armaments of the Questor Imperialis.


While you should be cautious about mirroring the Knights on the battlefield, you would do well to follow their traditions of ruthless abnegation, respect for authority and devotion to tradition.

Thought for the Day: “There’s no night so dark the light of the Emperor cannot pierce it.”

* On a related note, your commanding officers have been shot for failing to conclude the campaign in a reasonable timeframe, meaning several of you may be receiving promotions soon!
** Pursuant to the location of freight vessel Asinus Proeliax following signal loss during passage through the Nachmund Gauntlet.
*** While the colour of your armour will likely alert the enemy to your presence, the presence of a 40′ tall war machine should ensure that any unwanted engagements are favourable.
**** Permission may be granted for officers to dine with lesser members of Knight Households subject to the completion of a four-week crash course in toasts, dining etiquette and correct choices of amasec.