Excellent news from the front, Guardsmen!

Sir Hekhtur, the legendary Freeblade, has joined your war zone. We’re sure the enemy will rout immediately upon hearing such fortuitous news!


Sir Hekhtur is – as we’re sure you know* – a Freeblade Knight from the world of Randoryn Alpha. Enslaved by the evil and heretical Iron Warriors, Sir Hekhtur managed to break free in his Knight, Canis Rex, and now battles across the galaxy to free Imperial Citizens from their oppressors, earning him the affectionate epithet “The Chainbreaker”.

Take heart, Guardsmen, in the brave deeds of this noble hero. Sir Hekhtur has already freed hundreds of thousands of slaves across the sector, crippling the enemy war effort. Best of all, a full 40% of those liberated have been deemed viable for reintegration into the Imperium as Delta-Grade labourers, with a further 10% of those who survive their 15-year probationary cycle estimated to earn partial citizenship for themselves.**

The rest will be dealt with promptly – you may even see some of them in your conscript units in the coming weeks. Make sure to give them a wave and ask them what it was like to be saved by such a great Imperial hero.***

The Emperor’s Blessing upon Sir Hekhtur. May the rest of his campaign run just as smoothly, and may many more of the lost children of the Imperium be brought back into the flock.

++ Thought for the Day: “Hope Is A Luxury.” ++

* If you were unaware of Sir Hekhtur before reading this issue, please self-administer 40 lashes for forgetting the name of a great Imperial hero. The great men and women who built this Imperium did not do so to be forgotten by ingrates like you.
** Total estimated partial citizens after 15 years: 44-53
*** And then immediately cease fraternising. Contact with those who have been in contact with the taint of Chaos is forbidden.