Attention, Guardsmen!

As you are doubtless aware*, the [insert number here] anniversary of our Returned Lord and Saviour Roboute Guilliman’s Most Glorious Indomitus Crusade is approaching. While it would be inappropriate for you to hold formal celebrations during a time of war,** we know it is important to you to mark this event. As such, the Munitorum are issuing each of you a celebratory card, attached below.

Please carefully tear off the card (any Guardsman caught using his bayonet for this purpose will be disciplined) and delete as appropriate to make a suitable card for your war zone. You will be permitted five (5) minutes of celebratory time to do so. If you require additional time, please consult your Company Commander.


* If you were unaware before reading this, you are lax in your devotions – expect a visit from your regimental Commissar.

** This is an amendment to previous regulations, put in place after the Kainan 23rd regiment’s Feast of the Emperor’s Ascension celebrations on Lotho Secundus attracted a xenos assault, with no survivors.