Attention, Guardsmen!

In a move of peerless strategic genius, your commanding officers have transformed what would appear on the surface to be a series of devastating losses into a cunning trap for the foe.

Through the tactical application of the strategic retrograde advance manoeuvre, the enemy has been drawn into the very centre of an Imperial City – just where we want them! Here, they won’t just be cut off from their front lines and at the forefront of what we’re sure will be a spirited civilian resistance, but fighting on your turf. Thanks to the wonders of Standard Template Construction, the hab-blocks and municipal buildings you’ll be battling to retake will be just like the ones you toiled in at home!

There is one small consideration to make, however. Each of these structures is filled with holy relics, valuable technology and other sacred materials that must be protected at the utmost cost. While it is tempting to charge in all lasguns blazing, you must weigh up the short-term gain of slaying the foe with the long-term gain of preserving our cultural heritage for future generations, and more importantly, for the Emperor.

Thankfully, the Regimental Standard has prepared a simple acronym* to assist you in making the right decisions.


By following B.R.E.A.C.H., you’ll be able to ensure that our great history remains unscathed and our relics are safe for the Imperium of the future to enjoy.** Indeed, your sacrifice could quite literally allow you to become a part of them!

Thought for the Day: “Reason Begets Doubt, Doubt Begets Heresy”

*To Ogryns and other troopers who might struggle with the level of abstract thought required by an acronym – simply follow the lead of your fellows, and don’t shoot anything with a skull on unless it’s attached to a Necron. Or a member of the Heretic Astartes. A full list of things with a skull attached that you can and cannot shoot at can be requested from your commanding officer.
**Not to mention avoiding a flogging for flagrantly disrespecting the rich and vibrant urban culture of the Imperium!