Attention, Guardsmen!

We come to you this week to share with you a story of heroism and glory from the outer fringes of the Imperium. While Astra Militarum troopers like you are the Imperium’s first line of defence, it is the duty of every citizen to defend their home when threatened.

One such civilian band recently did just that – and their valour is a reminder to all Guardsmen of the courage of all of humanity.

Despite the disappearance of several Adeptus Mechanicus elements on Vigilius,* this plucky band of Emperor-fearing citizens managed to hold back a sizeable tide of Orks, with nothing more than a quickly scavenged arsenal of mining equipment, autoguns** and cruder weapons.


Bellowing cries to the Emperor – worshipped, in the simple, uncomplicated faith of such provincial folk, as a great force from beyond the stars that protects all – they managed to repel the xenos with minimal casualties.

We have even seen reports of some citizens tackling the vile Greenskins in melee combat, causing grievous damage to all but the largest foes with nothing more than their bare hands. If ever proof was needed of the superiority of the pure, untainted human physiology compared to that of the alien, then this is it!

In celebration of the work of these noble children of the Emperor, none of them will be executed for presuming to take up arms when the Astra Militarum are obviously more than capable of the job. In addition, where applicable, regimental hairstyle restrictions are being lifted to allow troopers to shave their heads like the Devoted Sons.***  

Remember, Guardsmen, to strive to emulate all those who would lay down their lives for the Emperor! Anything other than conspicuous valour and a selfless disregard for one’s own life going forward will be regarded as rank cowardice and punished as such.

++ Thought For The Day: “Analysis Is The Bane Of Conviction.” ++

*We are assured that they are currently on a highly secretive mission to acquire valuable archaeotech, and should be returning shortly.
**Autoguns are simple weapons used by hive gangs, local defence forces and less fortunate regiments of the Astra Militarum that are vastly inferior to your lasgun, lacking many key features like a bayonet or flashlight attachments.
*** In regiments where baldness is already permitted (or mandatory), you are allowed to shine your scalp within acceptable parameter, provided glare does not impede the aim of nearby soldiers or attract undue attention during stealth missions.