Attention, Guardsmen!

A rare privilege awaits.

You are about to be deployed alongside the Warlord Titan Pallis Atenica. For newer Guardsmen, Warlord Titans are among the mightiest war machines in the entire Imperium, and the presence of one in this campaign is both a certain assurance of your victory and a damning indictment of your inability to complete the task at hand yourselves without pressing on other hard-working bodies of the Imperium.

While the Pallis Atenica is an inspiring sight on the battlefield, it is one best appreciated at a distance. The vastly destructive weaponry wielded by this doughty war machine will be just as deadly to you as it is the traitorous hordes of the enemy if proper care is not shown. Luckily, establishing whether you are safely out of range of any potential harm is simple – just remember the following procedure:



Remember, Guardsmen, safety comes first!*

++ Thought For The Day: “Victory Is The Promise Of The Emperor’s Command” ++

* After obedience to orders, faith in the Emperor, and righteous hatred of the impure.