Attention, Guardsmen!

In the following days, you will be offered work with a Rogue Trader in accordance with their Warrant of Trade.

While the work of Rogue Traders is essential, and they should be afforded almost as much respect as your officers, you must first remember your duties to the Astra Militarum. Rogue Traders will often try and tempt Guardsmen into their household staff, using half-truths and propaganda to entice you into their service.

Used as you are to the stalwart, unflinching honesty of the Departmento Munitorum, this may come as a shock and so, in this one instance, you are permitted to experience doubt and employ critical thinking.

To assist you in making your decision, we have produced this pamphlet, designed to offer an unbiased, objective view on the scurrilous lies pedalled by these shiftless privateers.

Rogue Traders – THE TRUTH!

Produced by the Departmento Objectivia

In association with the Departmento Munitorum

RegStd-Sep12-Working for Rogue Traders – Myths Dispelled - 1

To the inexperienced Guardsman, life aboard the ship of a Rogue Trader can feel safer than open combat. Nothing could be further than the truth! While Imperial star-vessels are nigh indestructible, certain luxuries afforded to troops on the ground – like artillery support, the use of Chimera transports and the ability to fully unfurl and wave inspiring banners – are nonexistent within the constant confines of a privateer vessel.

RegStd-Sep12-Working for Rogue Traders – Myths Dispelled - 2

This is only a half-truth. As a member of the Astra Militarum, your diet is carefully designed to keep you functioning at peak efficiency, providing you with necessary nutrients to hone yourself into a living weapon without distractions like taste or texture.

Commissars and other higher ranking soldiers have been specially trained to process luxurious foodstuffs through exacting training regimens at the Schola Progenium. To the untrained palette – i.e. yours – such meals would prove devastating and would only serve to weaken your resolve and distract you from your duty.

RegStd-Sep12-Working for Rogue Traders – Myths Dispelled - 3

This is another false truth that, upon careful logical examination, collapses. The lasgun may not possess the flash of a rotor cannon or artificer-wrought shotgun but, in terms of aggregate kill count, is far superior to both.

Likewise, your flak armour is just as resilient as the bronzed breastplate of a Voidsman, with the added benefit that most bloodstains will soak inconspicuously into the fabric, thus avoiding any undue distress to your fellows.

RegStd-Sep12-Working for Rogue Traders – Myths Dispelled - 4

Voidsmen serving with Rogue Traders are allowed undisciplined, wild lives in which they are allowed unscheduled periods of shore leave, the setting of their own sleep times, and permission to speak to their commanding officers without having first sought written authorisation.

Such hedonism can only lead to heresy, poor discipline, and untimely death.

Choose Wisely

We hope this encourages you to make an informed decision, Guardsman.

++ Thought for the Day: “Analysis is the bane of conviction.” ++