Attention, Guardsmen!

Are you ready for death? We thought so!* Your training regimen has been designed to instil in you – and every one of your fellows – an acceptance of your final sacrifice in the name of the Emperor. To die gloriously for the Imperium is to ensure your final remembrance for all time.

It is our acceptance of death that makes our culture superior to all others in the galaxy – most notably, the vile Aeldari, who have, in their desperation, resorted to the foulest of necromancy in order to prolong their repulsive lives.

Rather than rendering the fallen into a more useful form,** thus honouring their sacrifice, the Aeldari prolong their lives through the heretical science of “spirit stones”. These devices capture the withered animus of the Aeldari upon death and are later installed in crude constructs.

Known as “Wraithguard”, these machines are laughably easy to defeat, with official reports confirming that they are both blind and much clumsier than their living counterparts. Wraithguard operate with minimal effectiveness without the presence of a guiding member of the Aeldari priest caste – by slaying this creature, you will render them disorientated and easy to take out with nothing more than your bayonet.


The armaments of Wraithguard may look intimidating but are of no meaningful threat to you. Runic translations indicate these are called “D-weapons” – we can only assume that this is a graded assessment of their effectiveness. By taking advantage of the slow reflexes of these creatures, you will be able to weave through their fields of fire with ease.


The most prudent means of dealing with Aeldari constructs is prevention. By smashing the gems these xenos wear upon their chests, you will cause their souls to dissipate harmlessly, preventing their resurrection and avoiding any long-term negative consequences.***

Some Guardsmen have reported seeing larger wraith constructs equal in size to Dreadnoughts or, in more fanciful reports, Imperial Knights. Rest assured that such talk is most likely rumour – and, should you come face-to-face with such a machine, you will merely be presented with a larger target to hit.

Happy hunting, Guardsmen!

* If you answered “No”, please familiarise yourself with edifying pamphlet 7775//C: “5 Handy Tips For Accepting Your Inevitable Sacrifice In The Name Of Continuing Human Supremacy”
** Such as servo-skulls, decoration, Walls of Martyrs or, in the case of Guardsmen with a particularly excellent protein index, corpse-starch.
*** Breaking multiple spirit stones in the same location has been known to result in minor empyric disturbance but is unlikely to result in full-scale incursion from warp-borne xenos.