Dis iz rubbish.

Evr’y day I’z been givin’ you tips an’ stuff from the wurld of da ‘umies, and none of you’z been payin’ any attenshun. You’z not wearin’ da kaps or usin’ da taktiks or doin’ yer dakka properly.


I woz talking to Zagrez da uvva day an’ now ‘e tells me dat none of you ladz can actually read and you’z jus’ been laughin’ at the pikturs. I spent ages yellin’ at the grots to draw those. They’re ‘eartbroken.*

I’m givin’ da Bosspole back to da ‘umies. Dey can ‘ave their magic paper if they want.


Humies: Sorry I took ya’ paper. I’z put all da stuff wot we nick’d in a Rok with some blasty bitz for ya’. You’z not getting da hat back ‘coz it’z nice an’ I like it. If ya’ ever need some mercenaries, give the Blood Axes a yell.

– Kommisork Badfragg

++ ORK FOR THE DAY: Me. You’z iz all rubbish ++


* ’specially the ones I shot in da chest for not drawin’ fast enough.