Attention, Guardsmen!

We have important news of a repulsive and previously unknown xenos species worthy of intense prejudice. Meet the “Spindle Drone”.

Spindle Drones are an example of the dark phenomenon of Silica Animus, colloquially known as “abominable intelligence” – as much as any xenos can be called an “intelligence”. Despite frequent encouragement, these vile xenos do not recognise the Imperium of Man as the rightful inheritors of the Blackstone Fortress and have responded poorly to our merciful attempts to deconstruct them en-masse in order to aid these reclamation efforts. As such, they have been declared PURGATUS MAXIMUS, and must be exterminated utterly.


We hope this information aids you in the swift extermination of this new threat to the safety of humanity, Guardsman!

++ Thought for the Day: The alien dream is to dance on the grave of Mankind. ++