Attention, Guardsmen!

The conflict of Vigilus has escalated somewhat beyond our initial estimates.* As such, some tactical readjustment is required. Additionally, you are to disregard last week’s bulletins, with particular reference to “Vigilus: Campaign or Extended Shore Leave?”, “Vigilus: All Over By Sanguinala” and “Celebrating Our Certain and Final Victory on Vigilus”.

Various new targets have been identified. Your updated Most Wanted follows:


This vile witch attempted to lead a warband of Craftworlders onto Vigilus in a misguided attempt to deny the Imperium the satisfaction of slaying the heretic Vannadan the Firebrand. Not content with a sound thrashing of his initial invasion force, he has resurrected several dead comrades and is attempting once more to disrupt our activities and kill heretics that are ours to slay by right. This makes him not just a necromancer, but a sore loser. Both have earned him a death sentence.



Orks are incapable of grasping tactics, strategy or good manners, and as such, are no significant threat to you on Vigilus. However, certain larger specimens seem to have some kind of totemic hold on their lesser kin slaying these so-called Warbosses should help us quickly drive the horde into disarray. Orks, after all, unlike Guardsmen, require violent incentives to fight, rather than acting through purity of faith!


Good luck, Guardsmen!

Thought for the Day: “Zeal is its own excuse.”

* All estimators have been repurposed as Servitors and lost productivity has been restored. Additionally, all estimating, guessing and reckoning without formal permission is now punishable by flogging.