Attention, Guardsmen!

We have heard worrying reports from the front. Apparently,  your festive cheer for Sanguinala this year has been sorely lacking! While your grim-faced resolve in the face of certain glorious martyrdom is to be praised, your Commissars have informed High Command of a less-than-adequate zeal for this most sacred of days.*

Sanguinius was perhaps the greatest of the Emperor’s sons,** and today we remember his grace, charity and sacrifice. Quite frankly, the shabby state of both your demeanour and decorations are a black mark upon this golden demigod – and thus, desperate action has been requisitioned.

At great expense, we have authorised the distribution of a number of Textile-based Self-excised Enthusiasm Enhancers. You are expected to add these to your surroundings in order to bolster your morale. Additional encouragement will be provided by an allotment of inspiring sermons, plus a semi-randomised programme of executions for those who continue to show flagrant disrespect.

Happy Sanguinala!***

++ Thought for the Day: All hail the martyrs! On their blood is our Imperium founded, in their remembrance do we honour ourselves. ++

* We have been informed that the gloomy mood of several Guardsmen is down to rumours of a “jump pack-wearing Chaos Lord proclaiming the coming of Abaddon”. The entire Black Legion and Abaddon were slain on Cadia, so this is obviously impossible.
** Please note – this remark is in no way intended as a slight on the mighty Roboute Guilliman, whose refreshingly idiosyncratic approach to worship of the God-Emperor and frequent countermanding directives to Imperial High Command are a breath of fresh air. Whatever some may suggest about the means of his resurrection, or his contribution to the Siege of Terra, or any other rumoured apostasy, we remain fully in support of the Avenging Son!
*** Or else.