Greetings, Guardsmen!

Depending on your current chronological circumstances, you may well be experiencing the New Year right now – a perfect time to look back upon our most glorious of victories in the previous Terran Year:

The Vigilus Trap!

In an act of unprecedented tactical genius, we have managed to lure many of our foes to Vigilus – perhaps the most fortified planet outside the Sol System! While it is not for us to assume the will of Imperial High Command, this seems to be a repeat of the famously successful Cadia Maneuver, where the foul Necron Pylon network, almost the entire strength of the Black Legion, a Blackstone Fortress and several underperforming regiments of Shock Troops were wiped out in one expeditious blow.

A Conclusive Chronological Restructuring!

Not all our victories were on the battlefield! This year, the Departmento Munitorum completed our three-decade consultation on the definition of time itself post-Great Rift, and already have some exciting thoughts on how to measure chronology going forward. Some ideas include:

We look forward to the next Thirty-year Munitorum Consultation and Quorum, where each of these ideas will be duly investigated, with the best being taken through to another consultation session.*

That’s right! As a welcome side effect of the above chronological restructuring, in an official sense, several great victories from the Imperium’s past now officially occurred within the last year – giving you one more glorious success to celebrate.**

May this next year be as filled with triumphs as the last, Guardsman!***

++ Thought For The Day: Wisdom is the beginning of fear. ++

* Tentatively scheduled for M51

** Within reason. Older and/or chronologically displaced Guardsmen who already celebrated the victory in the Konor Campaign the first time around are forbidden from participation next time.

*** Inadequate number of triumphs may be used as justification for motivational floggings, regimental decimations and other incentive measures.