Congratulations, Guardsmen!

Having enjoyed a full decade of service, and having successfully completed your Tribunal For Ensuring Survival Is Not Due To Excessive Cowardice, you are now entitled to a number of Veteran benefits! You’ll be issued with your full information pack shortly, but in the meantime, have you considered where you’ll be taking your One-week Long-service Shore Leave?

We recommend a trip to one of the Imperium’s bustling hive cities – here are just some of the reasons why:

See the sights!

Will you check out Manufactorum Hub Delta-7B or Manufactorum Hub Delta-7C first? The choice is yours! Best of all, thanks to the miracles of Standard Template Construction, once you’ve seen one beautiful Imperial building, you’ve literally seen them all!

Enjoy the Nightlife!

Hive cities are famed for their vibrant and up-and-coming downtown sectors. It’s always night in the underhive – and the locals will always be up for a good time! Try some local delicacies, check out the bars or try some friendly combat training with the local Clan Houses – you’ll never be short on activities!*

Be Vigilant!

The Imperium’s urban centres aren’t just a tempting destination for Guardsmen, but also for the myriad traitors and xenos who’d see the Imperium destroyed! By taking your holiday on a hive world, you’ll ensure you’re ready to defend it at a moment’s notice.**

We hope you enjoy your trip, Guardsman!

++ Thought For The Day: No hope rests for us beyond the Emperor. ++

* Please note that medals and merits will not be awarded for combat activities against local Imperial populations conducted outside of normal deployment.

** And indeed, will be expected to. Non-compliers will be shot, provided the enemy do not do so first.