Good news, Guardsmen!

We have news of an exciting culinary innovation. Following testing from the Ordo Xenos, we are happy to announce that the safety restrictions on consuming Ambull meat have been lifted!*

Ambull can be cooked and prepared in a number of ways.** From Ambull fritters, to Ambull stew, to boiled Ambull surprise,*** we’re sure you’ll grow to love its chewy yet crunchy texture and its distinct piquant flavour. Indeed, we can confirm it’s just as delicious as corpse-starch!****

To help you discover the delights of Ambull meat, your regiment has been shipped a container containing:

Five hundred (500) tinned Ambull meat, guaranteed no more than one month***** past the standard expiry date

One (1) The Joy of Ambull cookbook

One (1) untinned Ambull, guaranteed fresh – may require processing/subduing

Good luck, Guardsmen!

++ Thought For The Day: Nothing of value was earned without pain. ++

* Restrictions on feeding Ambull meat to your regimental canid are still in place, and any attempt to do so will be treated as an assault on a superior officer (ie. punished with summary execution).

** Provided it is deboned, brined, checked for Borewyrms and cooked for a minimum of four days, given a thorough prodding with your bayonet to ensure it remains dead, then brined again.

*** Please note that some surprises with your canned Ambull may be lethal in nature. Should this occur, you will NOT receive a posthumous medal for being slain by xenos.

**** And, due to the Ambull’s carnivorous diet of humans too slow or too foolish to escape it, often shares a similar material composition.

***** Plus or minus 10 years due to chronological warp anomalies.