Attention, Guardsmen!

It would appear that our declarations of pre-emptive victory have been more successful than we could have ever dreamed! Your glorious efforts have managed to bait Abaddon the Despoiler to Vigilus – just in time for us to give him a sound thrashing!

Indeed, Ezekyle (or, as some have it, “Easy-kill”) Abaddon has a long history of failures

Taking the sword Drach’nyen off our hands!

When Abaddon first surfaced to blight the Imperium, he started with a major blunder! Rather than deal any meaningful damage, he instead merely stole an antique sword known as “Drach’nyen” that we were trying to get rid of anyway – presumably from the disposal bay of a refuse barge!

Getting rid of the Blackstone Fortresses

During the Gothic War, there was initial concern that Abaddon might deal long-term damage to the Imperium. However, he instead was distracted by the nearby Blackstone Fortresses, attempting to capture them, presumably to indulge his urge to collect antique spaceships or use them as gifts.

Breaking the Emperor’s Children

Like all servants of Chaos, Abaddon constantly partakes in endless petty struggles with other Heretic Astartes. Fragmentary records indicate that during his time in the Eye of Terror, the “Black Legion” was a relatively insignificant force, known only for their ongoing disputes with the “Emperor’s Children”, which left both forces in the sad and depleted states they are currently in.

With your hard work, the so-called “Despoiler’s” assault on Vigilus will be just as great a failure as his previous efforts! Good luck!

++ Thought For The Day: We are already defeated if our master is fear. ++