Greetings, Guardsmen!

It is the sole, solemn aim of the Regimental Standard to keep you informed, providing a regular stream of objective and factual battlefield intelligence, untainted by opinion or conjecture. As such, we wish to issue a correction to a very minor factual error in a previous article.

In “Commissars – Why They Are Untaintable And Why To Question Their Holy Will Is To Spit Not Just In The Face Of The Command Structure, But The God-Emperor Himself”, make the following alterations:

Paragraph 47b: Why Commissars Can Never Fall To Chaos

Add “almost” to every mention of the word “never” in this passage.

Illustration 998A: The Non-existent “Traitor Commissar” was left blank to prove a point. Insert the following image. Extra signs of heresy may be added based on your personal field research.

Pages 140-237: A Treatise On The Total Pointlessness Of Wasting The Time Of Your Superiors By Reporting On Perceived Heresies Of Your Incorruptible Commissars, Who Are No More Likely To Fall To Evil Than The Humble Ogryn.

Remove this section.

Please employ due haste in making these changes. Any Guardsman questioning why these changes are being made will be shot for spreading dissent.

++ Thought for the Day: To question is to doubt. ++