Attention, Guardsmen,

We have heard that many of you are concerned about your upcoming engagements with the Heretic Astartes.* While usually such doubts would be met with punitive decimations, in light of manpower shortages, we have decided instead to authorise the distribution of highly secret tactical information.**

Within the below pamphlet, you will discover the shadowy tactics of the dwindling brotherhood of traitors and aberrations that are the Heretic Astartes.

Good luck, Guardsmen! Remember, these warriors are incredibly limited in number and, even if thousands of you die to ensure it, but a single casualty is devastating for them!

++ Thought For The Day: Throw your hopes into the fire. Let hatred take their place. ++

* We can understand why you may feel this way – previous articles like “The Space Marines – Invincible Protectors Of Mankind”, “Space Marines – Deadlier Than Any Guardsman, As Well As Better Looking” and “Space Marines – Why They Are Literally Unstoppable And Why Questioning This Is Tantamount To Treason” have obviously done their job, but we assure you that the heretics are no match for those who remain loyal!
** Rest assured, however, that punitive decimations will resume as soon as reinforcements arrive.