Great news, Guardsmen!

We are excited to share the fruits of a new technological discovery that sheds light on the wonders* of the Emperor’s galaxy.

Following the discovery of a cache of archeotech upon Terra by Archmagos K-T B0U/M4N, we have been able to capture high-resolution imagery of the furthest reaches of space from the comfort of the Throneworld, without having to worry about entrusting such delicate imagery to the interpretations of Astropaths.**

Today, we are tremendously excited to share with you the first ever detailed pict-capture of the Eye of Terror, with a super-high resolution image that captures this malevolent stellar phenomenon in unprecedented detail.

In order to preserve your sanity and sense of common decency, some segments of the image have been censored.***

Having finally gazed upon the face of the enemy, we are better positioned than ever to destroy them! Good luck, Guardsmen!

++ Thought for the day: The truly wise are always afraid. ++

* And horrors. Mostly horrors.
** Or indeed, the sudden cranial decompression often suffered by Astropaths who gaze directly at the Eye.
*** You’re welcome.