Are you in danger, Guardsmen? We commend you for taking the time to read your Regimental Standard despite your peril! Indeed, this issue contains an exciting new tactical development for you and your comrades to take advantage of.

With the Archenemy stubbornly refusing to lay down their arms and fly their vessels into the nearest sun by way of contrition, we are meeting fresh and exciting new combat challenges every day. One such challenge is their execution of fleeing Astra Militarum troops,* which has led to poor morale among Guardsmen.**

In order to assist you when beleaguered, we have developed the Mayday Protocol – a new alternative to retreat that all but guarantees your salvation!***

Good luck, Guardsmen!

++ Thought for the Day: A good death celebrates a hero’s life; a bad death merely ends a wasted one. ++

* Which, given this is usually the role of Commissars, feels somewhat unsporting.

** And, more importantly, an unacceptable number of boots falling into enemy hands.

*** Of your dignity and your soul.