Greetings, Guardsmen!

As a member of the Astra Militarum, you know exactly what to do if the power cell for you lasgun runs out: fix bayonets! Reprimand yourselves for assuming that just because you’re in a vehicle, you can’t still mount a glorious charge when you run out of ammunition. Here is how to slay traitors, heretics and vile xenos scum with your fighting vehicle.


Did you think that the front of your Chimera was just to protect you from incoming fire? Wrong!* The front of the Chimera is actually specially designed to plough into the enemy and the sloped leading edge allows blood to flow right off.


The tracks of a Leman Russ Battle Tank let it operate on any planet in the name of the Emperor. It is able to traverse any terrain, including any enemies that presume to stand in front of you. All targets should also be reversed over to ensure that their bodies are completely broken.**


The earthshaker cannon on a Basilisk also makes a perfectly good hammer. Once you’re out of shells, swing it up and then bring it down onto the head of any in need of the Emperor’s enlightenment.***


Your tank commander’s sword is not merely ceremonial. If required, you must drive them into a position where they can launch a devastating bladed assault from the cupola. You are permitted to aid in this with encouraging invective.

Remember, Guardsmen – you’re only allowed to improvise if you’ve already been told how to improvise! Good luck!

++ Thought for the day: Doubt is the fatal flaw in any armour. ++

* Protecting you from incoming fire denies you glorious martyrdom and risks deflecting enemy fire into more valuable military personnel.
** Make sure you check that there are no Astra Militarum officers stood behind you before reversing.
*** A cannon stuck in the “up” position is no excuse for not engaging in combat – simply drive towards low-flying enemy craft.