Attention, Guardsmen!

With the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum, the average battlefield is no longer average! With all manner of strange climatological and geological abnormalities, incursions from the empyrean and unusual circumstances, our camouflage has been deemed outdated – long gone are the days of pitched engagements on grassy-green battlefields!

While a few weeks on a planet is usually enough to stain a Guardsman’s fatigues to an appropriately local hue, tanks are a different case entirely. As such, you are instructed to fill out the form below, requesting ONE of the following new camouflage patterns for vehicles in your regiment. We will endeavour to provide any necessary upgrades in adequate time.*

Enjoy, Guardsmen!

++Thought for the Day: The traitor can hide from justice but he cannot hide from his guilt.++

* Please allow 3-4 working years for delivery of new camouflage.