Fortuitous news, Guardsman!

After the sacrifice of countless Guardsmen, then the subsequent sacrifice of Skitarii warriors made from those Guardsmen, we are pleased to announce that a new STC has been authorised for use!

Standard Template Constructs are the root of our technological superiority over the xenos. While races like the T’au battle constantly with the flighty tempers of their tech-caste and the fast obsolescence of their war machines, Standard Template Constructs were tried and tested by your ancestors – and if they survived the terrifying aeons before the Emperor saved Mankind, they’ll do just fine on the battlefields of today!

This STC pertains to a new formulation for painting materiel. Known provisionally as Substance 145XX22, this paint will result in our wargear being battle ready in a much shorter time, using a chemical compound that appears unique. After a brief and vicious schism among hive worlds responsible for the painting of vehicles, a compliance action enacted on the rebellious citizens of the pigment-wells of Agrax, and the sanction of the High Lords themselves, this substance is now guaranteed heresy-free!

Commissar Trast, having heroically scaled the pile of fallen Skitarii defenders in order to secure the STC, has been rewarded with naming rights over the final product, as well as a low-level agri world to govern. As several hundred years have passed since the discovery of this STC, it seems unlikely that he will be able to secure his prize, but if you know him, encourage him to get in touch.*

May you enjoy the fruits of this old innovation, Guardsman – and may you, too, discover an STC of your own!

++Thought for the Day: Guns and warriors are useful but it is our indomitable will that promises the ultimate victory.++

* If Commissar Trast is alive, you are also required to submit his details to the Ordo Hereticus, who will doubtless be very eager to discover the reasons for such a long lifespan.