Calm down, Guardsmen!

You are about to be assigned to your first Apocalypse-grade war zone. Many of you, having been raised in the cramped confines of hive worlds or in nearly deserted agri worlds, lack the proper mental wherewithal to deal with matters of scale.† As such, we are concerned that upon encountering larger war machines or bio-constructs, you are liable to act improperly.††

To assist you, we have produced a number of mindfulness exercises to help you prepare your body just as your battle drill prepares your mind.

++ Thought For the Day: Accept Your Lot! ++

† Congratulations again to the Necromundan 473rd on the successful completion of Training Module 5: Why Is The Ceiling So Big And Blue?

†† As opposed to acting properly – i.e. making a full-throated bayonet charge at the object of your fear.