Fantastic news, Guardsmen!

As you are aware from last week’s informative bulletin – “Heroes of the Horus Heresy Return!” – the entire remaining force of House Casimir, a gathering of Knights last seen in M31, has recently translated into your war zone following a brief mechanical failure which caused their fleet to become lost in the empyrean. 

Well, good news! We have since been informed by the Inquisition that House Casimir has gone renegade. All it took for these weak-hearted traitors to reveal their perfidy was a few millennia in the warp – time any loyal servant of the Emperor would have spent training, completing enriching educational activities, and devising new ways to praise His glory.*

We’re sure you’re eager to give these traitors what for, and you won’t have long to wait – House Casimir, or, as they are now known, The Lance of Agonies Unending, will be making planetfall shortly. Quartermaster reports indicate that you have at least TWO(!) meltaguns,** which should prove more than adequate in dealing with the enemy force. 

While we’re sure that some of you may have hoped for House Casimir’s aid against the Ork Waaagh! you are currently assigned to fight, the battle experience you will surely gain against these vile heretics will more than compensate for any assistance they could have offered. As an additional motivator, you are permitted to cut out and pin the following Facsimile Recycled Medallion Imitator to your uniform following the successful completion of this mission.***

Good luck, Guardsmen!

++Thought For the Day: Brave men do not question, they simply act.++

* Please note that, as a result, any Guardsman now found carrying the seditious pamphlet “Heroes of the Horus Heresy Return!” – a clear act of sabotage from outside agents to sully the good name of the Regimental Standard – will be shot. The word-servitor has already been recycled in order to prevent further scurrilous untruths. 

** While this is a fortuitous circumstance, this is one more meltagun than your regiment was originally allotted, meaning all survivors will be reprimanded and searched for unlicensed equipment following the defeat of The Lance of Agonies Unending.

*** Please note that this Facsimile Recycled Medallion Imitator will not be taken into account in any performance reviews, working out your Militarum pension, or determining which section of a mortuary world you are interred in.