Attention, Guardsmen!

Those few of you blessed enough to experience frequent combats alongside the Adeptus Astartes may have noticed these venerated comrades look a little different than before! Across the galaxy, more and more Space Marines have crossed the Rubicon Primaris – a noble and dangerous act that transforms these warriors into a yet-harder aegis to defend all of Mankind.

Those of you who have served with the Astra Militarum for a longer-than-average period of time* have begun to enquire about whether a similar process is available for Guardsmen – and we are happy to report that there is! It’s called becoming a Veteran – and it’s just like the Rubicon Primaris.**

Experience An Edifying Brush With Death

To undergo transformation into a Primaris Space Marine, a member of the Adeptus Astartes must endure an experience that brings these nigh-immortal warriors close to death. This deepens their connection to the Emperor and reaffirms their vows to die for the Imperium.

As a Veteran, you will have had several of these experiences already – and can look forward to many, many more! 

Acquire New Wargear

The increased strength and size of Primaris Space Marines allows them to use several pieces of advanced wargear, developed especially for their use by the genius Belisarius Cawl, vastly improving their combat effectiveness. 

While your capabilities as a Veteran may not be physiologically different from those of a normal Guardsman, you will be entitled to a more favourable wargear allowance in recognition of your skills. Even if you are not lucky enough to be issued with a plasma gun, you will be permitted two [2] additional lasgun customisation options of your choice, from an extra bayonet plug to a decorative carving of the Emperor. 

Become Larger (In Spirit)

Primaris Space Marines are the pinnacle of gene-craft, possessing stature even more imposing than their kin. Truly, as they tower above a Guardsman, so does the Imperium continue to tower above its foes!

While you may not grow in physical size as a Veteran,*** your personal growth will be enormous! From your increasingly impressive scars to your steely thousand-yard stare, you won’t need height to impress and terrify your comrades.

Becoming a Veteran is simple – just keep surviving while also committing sufficiently to your engagements to avoid execution for cowardice.

Good luck, Guardsman! Remember – the Rubicon Primaris is just for Space Marines, but noble sacrifice is for everyone. 

++Thought for the Day: “Look to your labours and trust to your faith. All else is beyond you.“++

* Beyond one week of mid- to high-level combat engagements.
** Except much cheaper and simpler for the Departmento Munitorum.
*** Indeed, dependent on your career, you may find yourself radically reduced in scale.