Greetings, Guardsmen. 

A solemn duty now falls to you. 

Recently, your war zone was blessed with the timely intervention of the White Scars and Ultramarines. To see one Space Marine Chapter of the most holy First Founding in battle is a privilege few Guardsmen can aspire to – to witness two working in tandem is the stuff of legends. 

However, once the foe is vanquished, a final trial remains – a task that not even the Adeptus Astartes can shoulder.

Presumably, in their hurry to go do more good deeds, the White Scars have failed to complete their forms – namely Permission To Intercede In An Astra Militarum War Zone, Permission To Save The Lives Of Guardsmen From A Perfectly Good Martyrdom and Invoice For Shots Fired, Materials Destroyed And Good Decorum Broken.*

That is where you, humble Guardsmen, come in. To reward you for your nobility in combat, we have decided to give you the forms to complete on their behalf, thus allowing you to experience the thrills of life as a Space Marine for yourself. Just imagine the adrenaline-pumping euphoria from working out the exact value of a particularly impressive grain silo  obstinate enough to obstruct the glorious advance of an Invictor Tactical Warsuit. Success here is an opportunity to prove your valour – just imagine the stories you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren!

Due to the hasty departure of the White Scars, some paperwork may require a small amount of reassembly, but we have no doubt you are up to the task. Good luck!

++ Thought For The Day: We do not flinch from death. ++

* You will be disappointed to hear that the Ultramarines have filled in all their paperwork in triplicate, exactly according to Adeptus Munitorum scriptures, including several volumes of ordinances and regulations thought lost for several millennia.