Good news, Guardsmen! 

The Official Sub-departmento Hierarchius – that stalwart institution dedicated to making sure every citizen and soldier in the Imperium knows their place – has declared cultists of all stripes* inferior to Infantrymen for the ten-thousandth successive year, following an objective scientific study.**

What does this mean for you? Well, for one, you are permitted to sneer at any cultists without restriction. Whether curling your lip in disgust at their perfidy or subtly damning them with a cold look over your Infantryman’s sub-augmetic spectacles.*** For another, as your superiority is officially confirmed, anything short of total and utter victory over cultists will be seen as deliberate sabotage, and you will be executed on the spot for sedition. 

Good luck, Guardsmen!

++Thought For The Day: A Heretic’s Death Serves The Emperor++

* Including, but not limited to – xenos-sympathisers and fraternisers, anarchists, secessionists, recidivists, [redacted], [redacted], and those whose worship of the Emperor falls outside of two standard deviations of the Eccelsiarchy’s most recent set of guidelines for acceptable forms of devotion.
** 100 captive cultists were asked to declare their inferiority to 100 Guardsmen. The 100 Guardsmen were then permitted to open fire once results were deemed adequate.
*** Please note – the Cult Mechanicus are not officially considered a cult and are in fact, in almost every conceivable fashion, your betters. Sneering at any followers of the Machine God will almost certainly result in your immediate electrocution/live vivisection/servitor conversion, dependent on how lucky you are.