Greetings, Guardsman!

We have recently heard worrisome reports from the front lines following your encounters with the Aeldari, and we wish to clarify a few points to recrystallise your hatred. Fear not – when you slay an Aeldari, you slay a creature that is your inferior in every way! 

A More Reasonable Pantheon

Rather than weep endlessly over dozens of hopeless, long-lost deities, we have but one God-Emperor whom we worship for everything. Need a war blessing? Give praise to the Emperor! Wish to call down divine/holy wrath upon your foes? The Emperor provides! Feel lonely, as if something deep is missing from your life, as if it all went terribly wrong somewhere? Simply fill the void with your adoration for the Emperor – and utter hatred for anything that dares defy His will!

The Emperor’s protection is eternal, right up until the moment he deliberately allows your death, thus bringing you to his table. Or allowing you to burn in the void for all time.

The Aeldari, on the other hand, have a bizarre and multifarious pantheon of deities, even going as far as to worship warp-spawn with only the meagrest physical similarity to their kind; we humans are far cannier! 

A Civilised Way of War

Aeldari society takes something as simple and elegant as war and ruins it with layer upon layer of needless complexity. The degenerate “Aspect Warriors” engage in all manner of incoherent mummery, with fighters symbolising mythological figures, animals, abstract concepts and other nonsense. 

In the Imperium, matters are much simpler. Everything in our superior culture symbolises death, meaning we can do away with metaphysics entirely. Instead, we can fully focus on the extermination of all other sentient creatures without long-winded, tedious and bloviating discussions, symposiums and debates getting in the way. Every moment we spend questioning our actions is a moment we could better spend slaughtering xenos, after all!

A Single, United Humanity

Unlike loyal guardsmen, Aeldari citizens are burdened with a vast amount of freedom of thought, choosing their own paths through life rather than being assigned a role by our perfect, infallible bureaucracy. The simple minds of the Aeldari quickly overheat and become overwhelmed by such choices, causing their race to fracture again and again into various sub-groups too degenerate and poorly dressed to mention here. Humanity, on the other hand, endures as a single, unbroken entity, with the rare exception of some small groups of undesirables we never needed.*

There you have it, Guardsmen – your superiority is assured! Go forth and destroy! 

++ Thought for the Day: The alien fails because it cannot embrace the Emperor. ++

* Like, for instance, Guardsmen who feel queasy about killing Aeldari.