An excellent opportunity awaits, Guardsmen.

As well you know, every life taken in the name of the Emperor is glorious, but some present even more opportunities for heroism.* You find yourself in a war zone fighting not just one, but TWO of the Aeldari’s most perfidious champions! We assume the two have formed some kind of repellant alliance, with early pict-caps suggesting long, tedious honour duels aimed at assuring their mutual fealty or some other such superstitious nonsense.

As such, we are offering you the chance at utterly unprecedented glory. If you can slay BOTH such warriors, every soldier in your regiment will be awarded governorship over a small delta-grade planetoid or equivalent.** Just tick off your card, present it to us, and pray your efforts are not found wanting!

We’re sure you’ll be the lord of a nearly loyal population on one of the Imperium’s most promising up-and-coming worlds in no time, Guardsman! Please note, however, that several regiments have tried to claim credit for killing both these xenos, only to have them reappear later. Such deception on your part will result in our disappointment and your execution, in that order.

++ Thought for the Day: The wretched alien mind cannot be measured by any human standard. ++

* And indeed, even more options for martyrdom.
** Offer is only available while stocks last/remain unconsumed by Tyranids. Please note that some worlds may need compliance action/orbital bombardment before accepting you as supreme overlord.