Greetings, Guardsmen! 

In your next war zone, you will come face-to-face with enemy artillery. So cowardly are our foes that they prefer to squat behind their lines, bombarding you from afar instead of engaging in good, honourable pitched combat. Thankfully, having had their supply lines cut, our foes have a limited number of shells, and it falls to your regiment to boldly help us expend their remaining stock.* 

It is absolutely critical that you respond correctly when under bombardment. Undignified tumbling around and screaming when faced with shelling isn’t just dishonourable – it’s embarrassing for you, the Astra Militarum and the Emperor Himself. We have devised a simple process to follow when under bombardment, designed to protect your decorum, commanding officers and maybe even your life. 


Best of luck, Guardsmen. 

++ Thought For The Day: Death brings its own reward. ++

* Estimated currently at a paltry three million shells! Such amateurishness is to be expected from rebels and apostates.