Good news, Guardsmen! Sanguinala is approaching – and you know what that means. Soon, there will be a time of feasting,* celebrating,** gift-giving*** and relentless self-criticism of one’s own inadequacy in comparison to The Angel.

We understand that a number of regiments have set up a “Secret Sanguinius”, where troopers randomly distribute gifts to each other. All organisers of this insidious act of sedition have been executed on the grounds of impersonating a Primarch and reallocating Munitorum supplies – but that doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun!**** 

To help you join in with the Sanguinala festivities this season, we are inviting***** you to join in with Secret Commissar. 

Have fun, Guardsmen! 

++ Thought for the Day: Perseverance and silence are the highest virtues. ++

* Suspended until normal supply of corpse-starch is resumed
** Internally, quietly and when all other duties are completed
*** For officers and above
**** Please note that fun is still prohibited in all non-festive cases.
***** Participation is mandatory.