Are you tired of cleaning your weapon? Your one-size-fits-most helmet? Having to separate your prayer-time from your killing-in-the-name-of-the-Emperor time?

So are we! Which is why we think that you and your regiment are long overdue a palate cleanser. You’re going to join a Campaign of Faith! Your crusade to purge the Shrine Worlds of St. Pulsifer won’t just be legendary – this crusade will also represent new edifices in materiel efficiency for the Departmento Munitorum.

Devised in collaboration with the Adeptus Ministorum, the Campaign of Faith will not be so much a spiritual retreat as a spiritual advance, screaming, into the face of your enemies. Thanks to the prohibition on men under arms, you’ll have the chance to skip right to the most rewarding part of combat – descending upon your opponents with fire and blade!

The Adeptus Ministorum’s incredibly strict rules on personal possessions and just what exactly constitutes arms* will give you the opportunity to travel light and foster a new appreciation for your standard-issue gear. After two weeks in a hessian cassock, you’ll never want to take off your flak jacket again.

For those of you worried about personal discipline, panic not! The Adeptus Ministorum is home to a number of Drill Abbots – preachers with an appreciation for the finer points of brutal discipline, relentless watchfulness and, where required, extreme shouting.**

Sound fun? We agree – which is why you have already been volunteered to join in. If you’re reading this, your regiment is likely already dropping in to combat, and your lasgun, flak jacket and other equipment have been confiscated and provided to less fortunate recruits.

Good luck!

++ Thought for the Day: Rejoice in service! ++

* Depending on compliance levels, some minor surgery may be required.
** We are informed that the life expectancy of Frateris Militia troops makes battlefield execution unnecessary.