Exciting times, Guardsmen! Are you enjoying the recent increase in increased psychic phenomena as much as we are? All across the galaxy, foul witches are revealing their vile abilities, making them much easier to identify and execute.* Meanwhile, brave-hearted martyrs are responsible for all manner of miracles!** Truly, the Emperor’s light shines upon us brighter than ever.***

Indeed, we have had reports of a bumper crop of recruits discovering all manner of strange, wonderful and execution-worthy abilities. Increased combat pressure means that summary termination in all cases would present too much of a strain on resources, and thus we present to you an alternative path to redemption. We’ve recently received these promotional posters from Red Monarch**** designed to safely train and dispose of the gifted among you. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor and really unlock your potential – how fortunate that fate should have it appear at this time!

What are you waiting for, Guardsmen? Go secure your destiny – preferably somewhere as far away from a populated area as possible.

++Thought for the Day: Do Not Wait for Death!++

* This has fortuitously also resulted in a bumper tithe of corpse-starch across the galaxy. Lucky you!
** This has, also, contributed to the above-average tithe of corpse-starch, depending on the severity of any given miracle.
*** Please note that for Guardsmen stationed in the Imperium Nihilus, any shining light of the Emperor is purely metaphorical in this instance.
**** A private initiative sponsored by the Imperium. Presumably.