Greetings, Guardsmen!

Congratulations on your regiment’s superb record of excellent conduct, good behaviour, and unparalleled faith in the Emperor. The good news is that your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Our regiment’s apparent lack of heresy, has led to a crippling lack of Penitent Engine operators in this war zone – something we’re seeking to rectify!

Whether you’re a full-blown heretic who falsely believes you’ve evaded detection* or you have the teeniest, tiniest inklings of heretical thoughts, then this is a superb opportunity for you. 

For the first time, we’re letting Guardsmen volunteer for this heroic duty. While previous pamphlets** may have misled you as to the purpose of these machines, rest assured that to pilot one is nothing short of glorious.

To apply, simply talk to your Ministorum priest.

For expedited promotion to Penitent Engine duty, disobey any order from your commanding officer.

Good luck!

++ Thought For The Day: We are bound by the Blood of Martyrs. ++

* Rest assured you have not.
** Including, but not limited to: Obey, Or Be Made Penitent, 101 Horrible Punishments For Heretics, The Price of Failure and Penitent Engines: Literally The Worst Thing That Can Happen To You (That Definitely Will If You Ever Dare Disobey Our Commands)