Greetings, Guardsmen! 

Having failed to conquer you with their crude, bulky imitations of the Adeptus Astartes, their puny pseudo-plasma guns, their underhanded stealth-tech and dreadful abominable intelligences,* the T’au Empire has dispatched members of the so-called “Water Caste” to speak with you. These creatures are as slippery as their name suggests, and will deploy all manner of honeyed lies to tempt you into heresy. Obviously, you should kill them before they have any opportunity to do this. However, should you be captured and interrogated before you have a chance to martyr yourself, then we have produced a useful manual of responses to maintain your loyalty to the Emperor during their torture sessions.

Good luck, Guardsmen!

++ Thought for the Day: Diplomat, conciliator, ambassador, these are all just words for traitor. ++

* For more information on these foul devices, read here, then read four particularly searing litanies from the predetermined list in order to properly sanitise your mind.