Greetings, Guardsmen!

We have exciting news for all fans of words, learning and various other concepts usually prohibited to Guardsmen!

As you know, The Guardsman’s Standard Vocabulary provides you with 500 words you are permitted to use, with 200 more that can be earned through good behaviour and heroism in battle. By providing you with a framework that prevents you from even conceiving of heresy on an abstract level, let alone committing it, we ensure your mind remains pure.

Today, we have an incredible offer – no fewer than three new words you are permitted to use! We hope that the concepts these words allow you to portray prove useful on the battlefield.

We hope you enjoy your new words, Guardsmen! To prove your understanding of them, you will be required to include them in at least FOUR (4) spontaneous utterances over the next standard week. Compliance will be recorded, and where necessary enforced, by your Commissar.

++ Thought for the Day: Accept your lot! ++