Greetings, Guardsmen!

We have heard worrying reports from your latest engagements at the front. Clearly intimidated by your superior use of tactics,* the Orkoid menace has resorted to crude psychological ploys, insulting you in a barbaric approximation of Low Gothic in order to break your spirit.

We understand that remarks such as “You ‘umies are worse at fightin’ than grots”, “a grot would fight harder than that”, and “I’m gonna squish you like a grot! They’re well easy to squish!” can be demoralising to a point non-correctable by the sudden, explosive decimation of your regiment by Commissariat personnel.** As such, we have produced the following poster to establish that whatever your foe suggests, you are nothing like a grot. 

++ Thought for the Day: A small mind is a tidy mind. ++

* Indeed, we are impressed by your commander’s decision to streamline forces by 80% by pitting you in close combat against the Orks, thus consuming less resources and making your units ideal for Kill Team operations.
** We would also like to remind you that such statements are mere animal repetitions of nonsense phrases – the Orkoid mind is not capable of complex abstract thought.