Greetings, Guardsmen!

We have news on an exciting combat drill concerning Orks!

Unlike Guardsmen, who have the dignity and anatomical knowledge to die when they suffer grievous physical trauma, Orks are too stupid, uncouth and unsporting to accept a good old-fashioned mortal injury. However, inspired by Ragnar Blackmane’s recent beheading and final annihilation of the vile fiend Ghazghkull Thraka,* we have designed a new process for slaying even the toughest Orks.

Those xenos that are not immediately disintegrated by your fusillades will be distracted and alarmed by the bright lights, loud noises and so on.

Your Commissar has recommended “Benediction To The Emperor, He Who Puts Food On My Plate, A Blade Upon My Lasgun And A Bolter Shell In My Commissar’s Pistol, Ever Ready To Execute The Heretic And The Coward”. At 14 verses long, this litany should suffice for up to a kilometre of charging.**

This is done after the charge is complete in order to reduce danger to yourself while running.

This should injure them so grievously that even the strongest specimens will find it impossible to keep fighting.

Good luck, Guardsmen!

++ Thought for the Day: Kill! Kill! Kill! ++

* Please note that the clanking, biomechanical horror the Orks have built as a crude facsimile of their fallen master is NOT a resurrected version of Ghazghkull, and to suggest such is nothing short of heresy.
** Even if you make it to combat before the litany is over, keep singing until you have reached the end! Your Commissar will be on hand to ensure compliance.