Attention, Guardsmen!

The universe is a dizzyingly diverse place, filled with countless sentient species, star-spanning empires and variety inconceivable to the human mind. We know, we know – this is a disgusting state of affairs, and one we intend to rectify in the next 10 millennia or so. Nevertheless, in our endless march towards human homogeny and hegemony, we wish to regale you with a tale of hope – the utter extinction of Zoatkind.

The Zoats were a feeble race, choosing a life of nomadism rather than establishing an honest-to-goodness empire which we could crush in a grand triumph as we did with the Orks and are in the process of doing with the T’au.

Zoats debased their decrepit, alien bodies in all manner of ways. The most vile of these was their communication devices, which, rather than simply using extreme volume or threats of violence in order to get their points across, used some strange telepathy to ensure that their messages were interpreted as intended. This led the Zoats to position themselves as diplomats and traders in less-civilised sections of the Imperium, before the race mysteriously disappeared. We presume this was as the result of our extreme vigilance, or due to these bizarre aliens attempting to do something particularly perverse and stupid, like negotiating with the Tyranids. 

These days, a Zoat sighting is as likely as discovering another Blackstone Fortress – with your help, we can send ALL xenos races to join them in the dustbin of history. Good luck!

++ Thought for the Day: Fear that which you do not know; kill all that you fear. ++