Salutations and Celebrations, Guardsmen! We have superb news. 

As you know, the Feast of the Primarch’s Rebirth is approaching – a time of year where we celebrate the return of the Avenging Son to the fold. You will also be aware that it is traditional to celebrate this time in the time-honoured fashion – with fasting, ruthless self-flagellation, and marathon litany sessions.

Unfortunately, the litanies, flagellation whips and corpse-starch crackers normally used during fasting have all been eaten by the Tyranids. Your Commissars have worked tirelessly to turn the sudden arrival of these xenos into an opportunity for celebration. 

The Tyranids have dropped hundreds, possibly thousands, of egg-like spores in and around your encampment. You are tasked with hunting them down. If it helps, you can imagine this is a symbol of rebirth, renewal and Guilliman’s benevolence.*

Good luck and have fun, Guardsmen!

++ Thought for the Day: The dead have no use for their mortal remains, but the living can find many. ++

* It may also help to imagine a vast swarm of Tyranid bioforms exploding simultaneously…