Greetings, Guardsmen!

You are blessed to live in a time of miracles. As with all times, this means you are to exhibit maximum caution, and should not hesitate in executing your fellow soldiers should they seem in the slightest bit suspicious. 

As a result of what we can only assume is record-breaking piety,* several Guardsmen have been displaying miraculous powers on the battlefield, allowing them to secure victory against overwhelming odds. Some of you have expressed confusion at these miracles, asking how they differ from vile warp-trickery that you would be rightfully shot for. While the differences between saints and heretics should be obvious, we have produced a helpful field guide.

Good luck, Guardsmen! 

++ Thought for the Day: A treacherous thought is as dangerous as a hundred bullets. ++

* In order to maintain such excellent growth in faith, we have doubled your already doubled prayer shifts. Guardsmen concerned about this eating into their allotted sleep time are advised to pray for wakefulness.