Greetings, Guardsmen! 

Over the coming months, you might be lucky* enough to fight alongside an agent of the Inquisition. You may notice that they seem to follow different rules than you when they persecute their wars. That’s because they do, so we’re here to remind you of some dos and don’ts for Inquisitorial encounters.

While in the hands of a trained Inquisitor, xenos weaponry may appear superior to the equipment that you have been issued. Regardless of what you think you may have seen with your own eyes, a pulse rifle or a shuriken catapult can’t hold a candle to the effectiveness and purity of a lasgun and bayonet for slaying the enemies of the Emperor. Such Inquisitors are actually making a huge sacrifice on your behalf by using these cursed weapons – each one they wield is one less gun that a forge world has to manufacture, and so is one extra lasgun they can make for the Astra Militarum.

If any of you have noticed any strange dreams, headaches, the manifestation of unusual powers – make sure that you report these to your Commissar. They will make sure that you** are prescribed two booster shots, to be taken immediately.

Inquisitors, on the other hand, with their towering willpower, may be granted status as sanctioned psykers. So it’s fine for them to use their powers for things such as reading the Emperor’s Tarot or to relieve members of their entourage of lethal wounds. These Inquisitors are especially handy if you are hunting superstitious fortune tellers or heretical faith healers.

Your credo is very clear – suffer not the alien to live! However, this doesn’t count when it comes to the xenos races (and pets) employed by Inquisitors to help them enforce the will of the Emperor.  Be sure not to touch them, speak to them, speak about them, or acknowledge their existence in any way – inflicting this symbolic sort of death will suffice.

Finally, it may seem that some agents of the Inquisition are using the very tools of the Great Enemy to defeat them. This is, in fact, a form of penance for the accursed, and the Inquisitor is probably just seeing to their re-education personally. So, if you ever come under the mistaken impression that an Inquisitor has crossed an uncrossable line, be sure to speak with a superior officer immediately to secure a place on your own re-education programme.*** We wouldn’t want you slipping from the Emperor’s good graces.

++ Thought for the Day: An unprotected soul can no more cross the storms of the warp than a heretic can bear the gaze of an Inquisitor. ++

* No comment on the fortunate or unfortunate nature of that luck.
** They also might want a quick chat with the rest of your squad, just to make sure that everyone is fit and healthy.
*** Remember, Guardsmen – Departmento Munitorum re-education programmes present a number of potential new career opportunities.